Monday, January 26, 2015

New lawyers: don't be intimidated by the tactics of the older, wiser lawyers

I think this article is spot-on, and gives a lot of good advice. Yes, a lot of lawyers will see you as "easy bait" once you get out of law school, and attempt to intimidate you into some position by appearing to know more about the case than you do. But stick to your guns, and don't be afraid to advocate for your client as well as you can. 
Law school does not teach you all the dirty tricks opposing counsel will use to throw you off your game.

By nature, many lawyers are bullies. Think of an experienced lawyer as the senior jock in high school. When that jock sees you walking down the hallway in suspenders and carrying a Trapper Keeper, your lunch money is as good as gone.

Just like those jocks, some lawyers rely on their tough image to get things done. Don’t get me wrong; the power of persuasion (in any form) is certainly a tangible skill. And to be fair, the best lawyers I know make the most of their specific talents. In many situations, attempting to scare a young attorney is their best leverage.

Article here (via the lawyerist).

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