Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Changes to Expungement (setting aside convictions) in Michigan law: Wittman Legal

If a person is convicted of certain crimes in Michigan, and a specified amount of time passes where no other crimes are committed, that person can apply to have the conviction set aside. This is a process known as "Expungement"or "expunction."

Michigan law has recently had some changes to its expunction process, as summarized in this article (via Wittmanlegal).

From the article:
Significant January changes included:

- Crimes that were deferred under one of Michigan's deferral statutes (i.e. 7411, HYTA) are now countable as a misdemeanor on your record for the purposes of Expungement.

- Up to two 93-day or 1-year misdemeanors (not just 90-day misdemeanors as in the prior law), may be on your record and still get one felony expunged.
- If you have only two misdemeanors on your record (no felonies) you may petition to get one or BOTH of them expunged.

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