Friday, February 21, 2014

Attempted suicide by cop? Prosecutor says only injured man knows.

Police were told that 19-year-old James Spivey was distraught, suicidal and would “take out” anyone who tried to help him.

Spivey fled upstairs when police entered his apartment on North Castle Ridge Dr. SE.
Police lost sight of him.

Officer Benjamin Hawkins tried to get Spivey to come back down, with his hands up. Spivey started “yelling and screaming” at police and told them to leave. Incoherent at times, Spivey would not promise Hawkins he wouldn’t hurt himself, and said that “it will get nasty.”

Later, Spivey charged the officers and officers shot him in self-defense, according to the Kent County Prosecutor, William Forsyth.

Article here. 

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