Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Future lawyering skills: Be agile, be flexible

Permanent full-time salaried employment, according to this white paper by Jordan Furlong, is vanishing across all industries and workplaces, and may even have been a Boomer phenomenon that is fading with that generation.  Competent, ethical, hard-working lawyers will still need to solve problems and create value for clients, he says, but the successful lawyer will need to be:

  • Agile, requiring flexible availability and multiple short-term engagements.
  • Technology-enabled, using tools that automate or streamline repetitive processes.
  • Multidisciplinary, delivered in conjunction with other professionals and trades.
  • Creative, invoking rarely used skills and talents that, as it turns out, we actually have in abundance.
article here (via State Bar of Michigan blog).

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