Monday, January 6, 2014

In praise of practical legal education

Law school has a lot of required classes. Things like Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Business Organizations, and Taxation (required at my school) to name but a few. But at some point in law school, students are able to choose electives to round out their legal education. This is when some students start to "specialize" in law school. There is no requirement that a student specialize their studies in law school, all students will end up with a JD. And there are classes which are designed to offer "practice" versus theory, for example Trial Skills versus Conflict of Laws. Some classes seem downright arcane, with little practical application. Law schools are attacked for having classes that seem designed to drain tuition dollars while offering little in return for the students' future practice knowledge.

But, in this article, the author discusses some practical classes that have come under fire (Health Care law, internet privacy) but which end up having been quite useful.

article here.

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