Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to start a freelance law practice

from The Lawyerist blog:
As the legal profession evolves to meet the changing demands of the marketplace, freelance attorneys have a new angle on the practice of law, and their numbers have been growing in the largest U.S. legal markets over the past several years. Freelance attorneys enjoy much greater flexibility and control over their law practices than most solo practitioners. And because freelance attorneys are independent contractors hired by other attorneys to handle legal work on a contract project basis, setting up a freelance practice is fairly straightforward.
Article here. 

Side note: I know a few attorneys who are freelancers. I did freelance work for a short while before I set up my own place. To me, the advantage of starting a firm was in having a dedicated space for work. I still got work done while freelancing with no "actual" office, but my level of distractability was higher. I personally need a space where I can close the door when I need to concentrate, and that the closed door will be respected. For the freelance attorneys I know, they like the fact that their low overhead means they can say "no" to work they'd prefer not to do. I have less freedom that way, since I have expenses to meet that are attached to having an office.

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