Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thinking of becoming a lawyer? That means you'll need to apply to a law school

The process of becoming a lawyer is somewhat, um, lengthy.

1. You have to get through undergraduate school. (Some schools will enroll students who haven't finished undergrad, but put lots of requirements on these "provisional" students).

2. You have to take the LSAT and apply to law schools. 

3.  A law school has to accept you. This might be less of a problem right now, since law school enrollment is declining at most schools. Here's an article on the best law schools currently, as evaluated by the Princeton  

4. You have to pass and graduate from law school. This takes maybe 3 years, but could be more, depending on your schedule of classes and the school you go to. (By the way, I hope you like reading: I estimate I spent about 40-50 hours a week reading during some semesters when I was in law school. Not like reading for pleasure, either, but the law-geek part of me thought it was OK most of the time. Especially Criminal Procedure and Constitutional Law, my two favorite subjects). 

5. You are now a juris doctor.

6.  But if you want to practice law you'll have to be licensed, which means applying for (at least one) state's bar exam, passing their Character and Fitness (a lengthy background check), and being admitted to the exam, and then passing the exam. 

7. You can now practice law! Congratulations.

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