Friday, April 22, 2016

Ignition Interlock cuts repeat drunk driving in half, according to report

Let's say you're a driver who has had a prior drunk driving, and then gets a partial driving privilege restored. That partial privilege usually comes with the requirement that the vehicle be operated ONLY when an ignition interlock device is installed. The device requires that any driver "blow" to show that his or her blood alcohol content is accepted before the car can be started. 

The 61st District Court in Grand Rapids is among five courts involved in a pilot program that began in 2011. The devices, which prevent a driver's car from starting if his or her blood-alcohol content is above a certain level, are also used in Kalamazoo, Oakland, Grand Traverse and Marquette counties.

The Michigan Supreme Court this week released a study evaluating five years of the project, saying the devices have helped put repeat offenders on the track for success. 

Article here (via mlive). 

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