Monday, December 7, 2015

Why not ship some beer for Christmas? Well, because it's illegal (at least in Michigan, for the most part).

Cyber Monday has come and gone. But there is still time to buy! But one thing you can't do, for the most part, is have some beer (or alcohol of any kind) shipped to Michigan (for the most part).

Why? Because the Liquor Control Commission says so.

The thing is, the LCC wants to bring as much revenue as it can into the state. It controls that (hence the name). So every consumer who buys alcohol of any kind is violating the LCC's ability to control things.

Here's another article about this (it's old and lists Granholm as governor, but is still accurate.) Here's a link to the LCC page about importation of alcohol.

How do you get around it? It's not easy. This author tried to buy wines from, but couldn't have the order ship to Michigan. Essentially an online retailer has to purchase a special license from the LCC to be able to ship their products to Michigan. If you happen to shop at an online retailer who doesn't have that license, there's no guarantee that your order will arrive.

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