Monday, August 10, 2015

Not exactly a shot gun wedding, but: Texas man marries to avoid 15 days in jail from the judge.

At a July hearing, Judge Randall Rogers offered Bundy probation in the Smith County case, but conditioned it on Bundy’s getting counseling, writing out Bible verses and marrying Jaynes within 30 days, says the station, which reviewed the court transcript. Otherwise, Bundy was going to get a 15-day jail term.

Bundy was willing to do the time, but both he and Jaynes were concerned he would lose his job if they didn’t marry. So, although unhappy about the rush to matrimony, they tied the knot in a summer courthouse wedding.

Article here (via aba journal).

PS - the couple already had had plans to marry, but didn't feel comfortable being rushed into it. 

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