Monday, March 16, 2015

Michigan Concealed Carry Update: Change in Michigan law

Gov. Snyder  signed into effect changes in Michigan's requirements for applications regarding concealed pistol license. (article here, via mlive). 

From the article:

The Republican governor had vetoed county gun board bills in January, citing concerns with a provision that would have removed a blanket CPL prohibition for individuals subject to a personal protection order.

He vetoed much broader legislation back in 2012 that would have also allowed permit holders with extra training to bring concealed weapons in carry-free zones like schools and bars.

The new bills, approved by the Republican-led Senate last month in the first voting of the new session and later approved by the House, do not contain either of the provisions that had led to those consecutive vetoes.

Supporters say scrapping gun boards will make Michigan a true "shall issue" state, requiring clerks to issue pistol permits based on statutory eligibility alone. The gun board process and timeline could vary by county.

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