Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Failure to pay child support can result in disbarment, says Kentucky Supreme Court

Kentucky Supreme Court says a lawyer can be disbarred for non-payment of child support.

Article here (via aba journal).

Note that the lawyer had faced disciplinary action before for mishandling of client funds, and failure to place funds in an escrow account.

From the article:

James was suspended from law practice for five years in a different ethics case in April 2013. His misconduct included failure to return unearned fees, failing to place client fees in an escrow account, charging unreasonable fees for copying case files, and misappropriating a client’s money, according to the Kentucky Supreme Court opinion. At that time, James said his conduct was because of his discontinuation of medication for a mental health condition and promised to seek treatment through the Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program.

The Kentucky Supreme Court noted James’ disciplinary history and his failure to respond to the current ethics charges. The court also said failure to pay child support is a breach of attorney duties to follow a court order, to comply with a statutory obligation, and to conduct oneself in a way that is above reproach.

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