Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Legal shortcuts: how to paste in lower case text & change it to uppercase

Have you ever created an issue heading (or case caption) in Microsoft Word by using pasted lower case text, only to later retype it as upper case text?   How about wanting to reuse text typed in upper case that you would like to convert to lower case?  There’s a shortcut in Microsoft Word that toggles text between upper case, lower case, and initial letter capitalization.  Just highlight the desired text and press SHIFT + F3.

Also be aware that the initial letter capitalization option may work slightly differently, depending on the punctuation in the highlighted text.  The string ‘this is some text’ will toggle between ‘THIS IS SOME TEXT’, ‘this is some text’, and ‘This Is Some Text’ while the string ‘This is a sentence.’ will toggle between ‘THIS IS A SENTENCE.’, ‘this is a sentence.’, and ‘This is a sentence.’

It's best to type some sample text into a document, and play with the Shift + F3 function until you get where you want. It will not toggle to tOGGLE cASE, or whatever that's called.

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